Our menu at Osteria1691 is a wonderful selection of Italian style Mediterranean cuisine.
You can tantalise your taste buds starting with a selection of fresh salads available in both small and large portions.

Our cold starters offer you an amazing selection of European cold meats, cheeses and breads all sourced from Authentic Italian suppliers.

If a warm starter is your thing we have a some wonderful soups or a selection of amazing Antipasti such as chicken livers, calamari, zucchini or try our authentic Napolese fried rice balls, you won’t be disappointed.

We have all the usual pasta and pizza dishes you would expect from any good restaurant all made with freshly sourced ingredients If you are feeling indulgent we recommend the Linguine Fume, a decadent pasta dish made with beef fillet, mushrooms, vodka, Napoletana and cream!

We have a fantastic meat and fish selection with lamb, chicken, kingklip, calamari and beef, with our house speciality being the Bistecca Aglio e Rosmarino – a succulent sirloin served sliced with garlic and rosemary.

Our Dessert selection varies, but we are sure they will delight your sweet tooth, and end off that perfect meal.

Of course no menu would be complete without a fantastic selection of wines and drinks.

Come and join us and see for yourself!

Created by Howl at the Moon, 2019

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